WEBtech Productions is proud of its unique approach to providing quality, full-service solutions for its business partners. Unlike the shrink-wrapped solutions offered by most vendors, WEBtech Productions works hand-in-hand with all of its partners ensuring that each client receives the careful attention and hands-on approach that each project deserves.

Over the course of the past seven years, WEBtech Productions has had an opportunity to work together with a number of leading companies here on the west coast. Here is a sampling of some of the many great companies we're working with right now.

Experience Hendrix, L.L.C.

Since 1996, WEBtech Productions has lead the design, development, and maintenance of all system technologies for the estate of Jimi Hendrix. Owned and operated by the family of Jimi Hendrix, Experience Hendrix hosts a network of websites produced by WEBtech Productions and hosted under the www.jimihendrix.com banner. In addition to the design, development and editorial leadership offered, WEBtech also provide domain name unification practices through the internally hosted network provided through a WEBtech/Qwest Communications partnership. In addition to Internet services, WEBtech Productions provides on-site network administration, systems support, and systems-related supply management for all of their operations.

Business Rule Solutions, Inc.

Since 1998, WEBtech Productions has served roles in design, development, and administration of the Business Rule Solutions (www.BRSolutions.com) corporate website. The site is hosted through WEBtech Productions private hosting platform.

The Cat Hospital

WEBtech Productions installed a new mutli-system network environment for The Cat Hospital. Recognized as the Lower Mainland's most respected feline medical provider. In addition to regular systems support and eduational offerings, WEBtech Productions is developing a new online presence for Dr. Sandy Jamieson's practice which is hosted on WEBtech's own private hosting platform.

Business Rules Community

Since April 2000, WEBtech Productions has designed, developed, managed and supported the Business Rules Community, a vertical community geared to business rule professionals. In addition to technical services, WEBtech's project management includes support offerings to the more than 2,500 registered community members as well as regular content coordination between internal and external editorial providers. The Business Rules Community is hosted through WEBtech Production's own hosting platform.

Voodoo Visuals, Inc.

WEBtech Productions provides private label hosting services including managed web, FTP, and email technologies for one of British Columbia's most respected music photographers, Kevin Statham and his design firm, Voodoo Visuals, Inc.